Car door lock problem

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Car door lock problem

Lately having an issue with my mdx door lock. The key fob is stopped. The lock button worked fine. Got lazy and started using the physical key to unlock the door. The key works fine for ignition. Yesterday the physical key could not unlock the door at all. So called the door unlocked. Real pain but I digress.
Anyhow what are my options? The spare key (gray one) did not work either. Is it the key or the lock cylinder that needs replacement? Also, when I replaced the battery. I did not get rid of it. I could not end up costing $ 400 to resolve this issue.
Side note: A wierd finding - it's really hard to get the physical key to unlock the door. Though if it's parked in the garage there is no issue. Not sure if this sheds any light on what's going on. Also, I did not help yesterday.Also, mdx only has driver side door lock. There is no passenger side door. Poor design?
What are my options?

Please help.

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